Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dajak provide consulting services?

No, Dajak is not a consulting firm. We help companies sell and market site characterization and remediation technologies. Further, we offer insights on the suitability, applicability and limitations of the technologies.

Who are Dajak’s customers?

Environmental consulting firms buy products and services from the companies Dajak represents.

Is Dajak a broker?

No, Dajak does not broker technologies; that is, we do not put deals together. Instead, Dajak represents technology vendors and helps them sell and market their technologies.

Why should I contact Dajak when I can go directly to the technology providers?

Dajak offers technical expertise on a variety of technologies and is not focused on any single solution. For example, if you were to contact a provider of chemical oxidation services, that vendor would likely promote chemical oxidation. Dajak, on the other hand, is not wedded to a single technology.

How is Dajak compensated?

Dajak is paid monthly by its principals. No fees are ever paid by Dajak’s customers.

How does Dajak decide which technology to promote?

We believe that technologies have sweet spots and that you should use them when they are most applicable. By understanding your goals and objectives, we will be able to recommend solutions that make sense for your site.